terça-feira, 15 de maio de 2012

Innovating ... let's talk about family guy!

All The show revolves aorund the adventures of the family of Peter Griffin, a men that works all the time. His wife,Louis doesn't have a job and stay at home for all day, she sometimes works like a piano teacher.

The family that drinks and smokes excessively. In the episodes, he and stewie make a lot of confusion and this are the motives of those who watch out forlaughs, they are considered the favorites of the public.

This series is for anyone who does not take seriously dirty jokes because the program doesn't have any type of ethic because is totally a heavy mood.

This series is a funny cartoon that focuses on the troubled daily life of a middle class family. Louis always tries to keep the family in a certain pattern of normality, but it always fails.


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